Gun Accident Pictures


Any firearm is capable of causing an accident at the time of shoot. Perhaps though, because of the dire consequences that cause the shooter, those produced by shotguns, rifles, carbines, etc.. are the best known, are not unique. Countless accidents have starring handguns, especially guns, because guns are less likely to do so.

On the other hand, the reduced severity of injuries do you mostly spend unnoticed. In the case of rifles and bolt action in particular, injuries are interested in a primary face and hands to handle, while the of guns, they rarely affect another member or hand.

Several reasons may be the cause of these accidents, from a manufacturing defect, rather unusual, though not impossible in modern times, through Improper handling, to a blockage of the barrel or inappropriate use of ammunition. Without aid the latter is accumulating greater percentage..

Another factor to consider is the “reload”. If we exceed the amount of powder, very easily could lead to the gun burst, while a number below the limits would not provide enough power to that the projectile leaves the barrel, leaving it stay inside, which would lead in very praparados shooters, that the second shot to cause the accidente. Might it seem contrary, these failures are unique to weapons of low cost or little-known brands, guns renowned as the “Glock”, “H & K”, to name a few internationally known actors are usually Estus events.

Then I leave some gun accident pictures with the results of such accidents.

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